SNAP's first and foremost concern is and always has been the safety of the dogs and cats we serve.

Our services are dedicated to their welfare. We are proud to have provided low cost spay/neuter services to over 60,000 clients since 1981! SNAP does not employ Veterinarians or anyone with veterinary training. We act as the liaison between our clients and the Veterinary Practices listed on our website that are willing to provide low cost spay/neuter services to the community.


The Love Garage - Press release dated June 15, 2009

People who love animals tend to carry that love with them wherever they go. People who actively work to improve animal welfare will boldly follow that love to the most unlikely places – including an automotive repair shop.

On regular Saturdays throughout the year, a dedicated team from the Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), in partnership with volunteers from PAWS. Set up a mobile surgical unit on the lot of Kreitzer’s Automotive Service. With remarkable precision they transform this repair shop into an efficient veterinary clinic and begin the work of preventing suffering – avoiding the misery that lies ahead for millions of unwanted companion animals.

No one knows for sure when the ancestors of today’s pets decided to intertwine their lives with humans – estimates range from 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. But what is certain is that without a loving human to care for them, millions of today’s cats and dogs live short, anguished lives only to be euthanized without ever finding a home. Many suffer and die alone from outside elements or disease without ever having known human touch.

“What we’re attempting to do is to make sure there is enough love to go around,” says Essie Petrovich, President of SNAP. “Every year more than 3 million healthy cats and dogs are euthanized in America simply because they are unwanted. It’s heartbreaking. And it takes a toll on humans as well. Imagine working in an animal shelter and having to destroy that which you love the most – that, too, is suffering. By working to reduce unwanted litters and thereby the number of unwanted pets, we can improve the chances that every animal will find a loving home.”

SNAP has provided low-cost services for almost 30 years and has spayed/neutered almost 55,000 animals. The first concern has always been, and continues to be, the safety of their clients - the dogs and cats they serve. SNAP ran their clinic out of the West Shore SuperPetz until the store closed earlier this year. Jim Kreitzer, owner of Kreitzer’s Automotive Services, came to their rescue by offering his facilities on Wertz Lane in Enola. As before, all surgeries are performed in a sterile van owned and operated by Matthew J. Murphy, D.V.M of Keystone Mobile Veterinary Services.

“Like most non-profits, we work to create the greatest impact while balancing the associated costs. Having this location donated to us allows us to devote more of the money we earn through fund raising to directly subsidize the cost of surgery.” says Petrovich. “The garage provides a lot of things we need for these clinics – a heated area so the cats can recover in comfort, electricity and plenty of parking. Unfortunately some people are put off by the fact that it is a garage. All procedures are conducted in the safe, sterile environment of the mobile veterinary unit. I just wish people knew how much care we take in providing the best possible experience for these animals. Some people drive up and see an automotive repair shop. I see a garage full of love.”

Area pet owners are encouraged to use the services provided by SNAP. Financial assistance is available to those who are in need. 


Spay/Neuter Express - is a mobile program for cats only. Surgeries are performed by Keystone Mobile Veterinary Services, must be pre-arranged, and are by appointment only . To schedule, please email snapofpa@hotmail.com. These clinics are offered approximately twice a month. Vaccinations are available at the time of surgery during these events for an additional charge. Cats must be 12 weeks old and in good health in order to have the surgery performed. Click>>>> HERE for schedule Spay/Neuter Express Dates, or Click HERE for a one page schedule for the year. The events fill quickly so we may not be able to accommodate your requested date.  We schedule based on availability.

PAYMENT TERMS: CASH ONLY ~ No checks or credit card accepted


  1. Male Cats - $25
  2. Female Cats - $40
  3. Pain shots, post surgery - $8.00 per cat.
  4. Rabies and Distemper - $10.00 per shot at time of surgery.
  5. All cats must be brought in clean, secure, and rigid cat carriers. For the safety of the animal, broken or damaged carriers will not be accepted.  Please line the bottom of the pet carrier with newspaper for easier clean up.
  6. We do not spay/neuter dogs through a mobile program. Dogs are eligible for low cost coupon surgery rates through our participating Veterinarians.

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DO NOT CALL KREITZER'S AUTOMATIVE (Kreitzer's Automotive Service is in no way affiliated with SNAP... they donate the sugery location only) OR DR. MURPHY'S OFFICE TO SCHEDULE, CANCEL OR ASK FOR DIRECTIONS TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.





Participating Veterinarian Program - To download your low cost coupon which includes the list of participating veterinarians, (download HERE). Vaccinations and other services are available through our participating practices at their published rates. Additional charges apply for office visits etc.

Surgery Rates - Quoted prices are for surgery only. Ask the veterinarian for a complete estimate of fees when you schedule your pet.

  • Male Cats - $25
  • Female Cats - $40.00
  • Male Dogs - (0-80 lbs) - $55
  • Female Dogs - (0-80 lbs) - $65
  • Dogs over 80 lbs. - Fee varies by veterinary practice
  • Coupons are only accepted by the Veterinarian's listed on the coupon.
  • Some Veterinarian's will not accept the coupon if the dog is over one year old. Please make sure and tell them how old your dog is when you schedule your appointment.
  • The coupon is good for the surgery cost only. Make sure and get a total cost when you schedule your dog. Additional charges will apply for office visits, blood work, exams, vaccinations, overnight stay if needed, and other services are available at their published rates..

To receive your low cost coupon which includes the list of participating veterinarians, download HERE.

Adobe reader is required to download the coupon from the above link. If not already installed on your computer, download for free HERE